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η Loreena McKennitt το 1989 δημιουργεί το Parallel Dreams

  • Samain Night 
  •  Moon Cradle 
  •  Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance 
  • Annachie Gordon 
  • Standing Stones 
  • Dickens' Dublin (The Palace) 
  •  Breaking The Silence 
  • Ancient Pines
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The moon-cradle's rocking and rocking
Where a cloud and a cloud go by
Silently rocking and rocking
The moon-cradle out in the sky.

Then comes the lad with the hazel
And the folding star's in the rack
"Night's a good herd' to the cattle,
He sings, 'she brings all things back.'

But the bond woman down by the boorie
Sings with a heart grown wild
How a hundred rivers are flowing
Between herself and her child.

'The geese, even as they trudge homeward
They have their wings and the waste,
Let your thoughts be on Night the Herder
And be quiet for a space.'

The moon-cradle's rocking and rocking
Where a cloud and a cloud go by
Silently rocking and rocking
The moon-cradle out in the sky.

The snipe they are cryng and crying
Liadine, liadine, liadine,
Where no track's on the bog they are flying
A lonely dream will be mine!

======== =================================================================================== =======================================================================

In one of these lonely Orkney Isles
There dwelled a maiden fair.
Her cheeks were red, her eyes were blue
She had yellow, curling hair.

Which caught the eye and then the heart
Of one who could never be
A lover of so true a mind
Or fair a form as she.

Across the lake in Sandwick
Dwelled a youth she held most true,And ever since her infancy
He had watched these eyes so blue.

The land runs out to the sea -It's a narrow neck of land -
Where weird and grim the Standing Stones
In a circle where they stand.

One bonny moonlight Christmas Eve
They met at that sad place.
With her heart in glee and the beams of love
Were shining on her face
When her lover came and he grasped her hand
And what loving words they said
They talked of future's happy days,
As through the stones they strayed.

They walked toward the lovers' stone
And through it passed their hands.
They plighted there a constant troth
Sealed by love's steadfast bands
He kissed his maid and then he watched her
That lonely bridge go o'er.
For little, little did he think
He wouldn't see his darling more.

Standing Stones of the Orkney Isles
Gazing out to sea
Standing Stones of the Orkney Isles
Bring my love to me.

He turned his face toward his home
That home he did never see
And you shall have the story
As it was told to me.

When a form upon him sprang
With a dagger gleaming bright
It pierced his heart and his dying screams
Disturbed the silent night.

This maid had nearly reached her home
When she was startled by a cry.
And she turned to look around her
And her love was standing by
His hand was pointing to the stars
And his eyes gazed at the light.
And with a smiling countenance
He vanished from her sight.

She quickly turned and home she ran
Not a word of this was said,
For well she knew at seeing his form
That her faithful love was dead.
And from that day she pined away,
Not a smile seen on her face,
And with outstretched arms she went to meet him
In a brighter place.


 Joyful mystery, the birth of our Lord.
This night our Lady and St. Joseph was going up to get registered and, um, they were going down the road and they met this man and he said, "Have you any room?" and he said, "No, but there's an old stable over there that I owned, if yous want to go into it." And they went over and the Lord came down from the heaven at twelve o'clock and loads of beautiful angels was with them, and when they were walkin'.

I walk the streets of Dublin town
It's eighteen forty-two
It's snowing on this Christmas Eve
Think I'll beg another bob or two
I'll huddle in this doorway here
'Til someone comes along
If the lamp lighter comes real soon
Maybe I'll go home with him
Maybe I can find a place I can call my home
Maybe I can find a home I can call my own

These three wise kings, um, they were all from different countries.
And they always used to look up at the sky and they looked up this night and saw this beautiful star up in the sky. And when they were going they all meeted together and they had to pass King Herod's, not that we much care for him. And they went in and he said, "Where ye goin' with yer best stitches on ye?"

The horses on the cobbled stones go by
Think I'll get one, one fine day
And ride into the countryside
And very far away
But now as the daylight disappears
I best find a place to sleep
Think I'll slip into the bell tower
In the church just down the street
Maybe I can find a place I can call my home
Maybe I can find a home I can call my own

And they said, "Did you not hear the news?" and say he says, "What news?" He says, "This day the Savior is born." And he says to them, "When you find him come back and tell me 'cause I want to go and adore him too." And he was only coddin' them. He wanted to kill him and when they were going, they stopped and they said, "Surely not this old stable that our King is born in. We were expecting a palace."

Maybe on the way I'll find the dog
I saw the other night
And tuck him underneath my jacket
So we'll stay warm through the night
And as we lie in the bell tower high
And dream of days to come
The bells o'er head will call the hours
The day we will find a home
Maybe I can find a place I can call my home
Maybe I can find a home I can call my own
Maybe I can find a place I can call my home
Maybe I can find a home I can call my own

There was these shepherds and shepherds are fellas that mind the foals and cows and sheep's and little lambs and all and, um, they hears this beautiful music up in the sky and they were wondering what was so fun. An angel dissipated them and he said, "I was wonderin' what was so fun" and he said ye, and he said, "The savior is born. If yous want to go see him, follow that star up in the sky," and it was a beautiful star.

The Words You See Throughout The Video In The Images Are Posted Below. These Are Words I wrote.

Winter Solstice Blessings~

On this day, cold, dank and dreary, be still breathe in the air, nearing again the Oaken King, while Spring doth rest her head...

It all goes by in the blink of an eye, rest in this and know, as certain as the Winter wind doth blow.

Take sustenance in knowing...
Without Winter, there could be no Spring for this is something I truly know...

Be still, breathe in the Blessings of The Ancients~

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